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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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meisha watching the morning commute. bundle up ladies. >> you said it indeed. it is so cold outside this morning. the good news is the drive is looking okay. we haven't seen any dis able vehicles or anything like that, overnight construction casino every trying to get out of our way this morning, katie. we do know it will be cold. sometimes it can be serious. >> absolutely. and we're certainly tough enough and can handle. >> this we have got the tools at our disposal, in other words, you need those winter weather accessories, hat, scarf, gloves, all of that good stuff. probably want pair every sunday glasses here today, too. be sure to have. that will you don't want to be walking out the door without the winter accessories, and also the tips every making sure your car is heated up adequately. that said, we do expect to see, you know, more sun than anything once the sun does rise over the horizon, nice clear sky, "skycam 3", nice and quiet, currently temperature starts at 17 at the airport, but that wind, oh, it always gets you. out of the west at 14 miles
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per hour, leading to a windchill value of 3 degrees. a whopping three. yep, that's pretty brutal stuff around the rest of the region, not much better guys. more like those lower single digits in almost every location, anywhere from i95 on southeast, check it, you have the big old mine just front of the numbers the further northwest you travel. so, yes, some rough stuff. definitely very cold. it will stay that way. with temperatures barely even getting out of the upper 20's for most locations, and you got to factor the winds in again, much like you did yesterday. so storm scan at least that's quiet. you can bank on the sunshine. but, it is not going to look so quiet toward the week's end. possibility of winter storm, looks pretty definite that we will have a storm, the question marks remain as to how much are we talking. once we finalize the track it will become a lot more evident. i can tell this much, looks like it will be significant, and it looks like it will be a plowable snow, and timing, generally friday p.m. into saturday. the majority of saturday.
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so that nice long window of opportunity for the snow to fall is what we are concerned about in terms of the expectation for higher snow totals this time around. soy this could be big one. meanwhile for now, no snow in site for the moment. but, you're going to feel that breeze, tan will make it feel so much colder. by 3:00 p.m., about 28 degrees, officially shooting for about 29 for daytime high this afternoon. not that warm obviously, meisha, a so bundle up. >> for those who want to make the snowman or snow angel, finally going to get it maybe this weekend which for a loft suffex siting news. but it is coming nonetheless. new jersey, 42 freeway northbound, looking good. this is what you are looking at, looking nice, looking steady, plenty of of headlight hitting the road in jersey. 422 headlight eastbound direction, approaching trooper. you can see, just kind of stream of headlights start too long move, letting us know in the 5:00 hour, on this tuesday morning, plenty of people getting jump start to their day. 309, taillights moving in the northbound direction, pa turnpike looking government everyone traveling at posted
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speed. we have water main break in gilbertsville near boyertown high school. philadelphia avenue near route 100 northbound ramp, traffic is getting by here, but they are saying use caution. you certainly want to do so. i'll keep you updated on there is also construction northeast extension northbound between the pa turnpike and lansdale, that right lane still blocked. another point of construction here, pa turnpike westbound, between valley forge and downingtown, that left lane is still blocked there, erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning, violent collision injuries a driver of this lasalle university shuttle. the accident happened around 1:00 a.m. at broad and olney. no student were inside that van at the time of the crash. the driver was taken to the hospital. no details right now on his condition. 5:03. as katie was saying, really just too brutal to be outside f you are driving to work or school turn that car in early and get the heater going. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at septa 69th street terminal in upper darby, commuters doing everything they can to deal with the dangerous cold, jan,
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good morning. >> erika, good morning, it is brutally cold out here this morning. according to my cbs philly weather app, just 17 degrees here in upper darby, and when you factor in that windchill, it feels even colder than that, it feels like 2 degrees, you can see here at the 69th street terminal this morning, it is just me and couple of people, i think that is strategic move. i think they are waiting as long as possible before headed out into this cold. >> old-man-winter finally awakens stirring, the wind whipping flags along the ben franklin parkway, and possibly taking your breath away as you head outdoors this morning. >> it is really cold, especially with the wind, the wind like draws tears out of your eyes specially on broad street. >> but not everyone seems to hate the idea that we're finley settling into winter. more than handful of people warming up, by taking few laps around the dilworth park ice rink. >> it is cold but i'm enjoying it, right now, and i'm enjoying it. >> i grew up in iowa. this is nothing.
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>> nice change from the warm weather specially on christmas. >> but with temperatures in the teens this morning, and 30-mile per hour wind gusts expected later today, we'll see how long that cents will cents. >> i don't want no more snow. we had ours yesterday. i'm done with it. >> overdue for some for sure. it will be cold, i hope we have some snow at least. >> still bit of split decision when it comes to snow. i have a feeling we will be dealing with that sooner than later of course katie is keeping an eye on that forecast. but as far as the cold goes, i think we can all deal with it, erika, just as long as we are prepared and we bundle up. get the gloves, get the hat, wrap up the neck with the scarf and even cover the noise from the toast, i see people walking with the scarfs all the way to up their nose, erika. >> nose gets cold, too, jan. stay warm out there. the newest eagle has landed new head coach doug pederson is waking up in philadelphia this morning. pederson was growth dollars by eagles management yesterday before headed to the nova care complex. by now all familiar with pederson's limited coaching experience. sure he's worked with andy reid, don shula, brett favre
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and dan marino, but we also know he wasn't the primary play call nerve kansas city. doesn't matter to eagles owner jeffrey lure how says in part quote doug is a strategic thinker, compelling leader and communicate err and someone who truely knows how to get the best out of his players. all of these factors were what initially attracted us to doug, and we believe that he's the right man to help with -- achieve our ultimate goal. ray didinger cautions against rush to go judgement. >> write it off now as saying well he can't be successful, a terrible hire, he won't succeed, he's going to fall on his face is unfair in the extreme. i mean, we don't know what kind of coach he will be. we really don't. he could turn out to be a really good coach. >> we'll hear from doug pederson at today's eagles press conference, watch it live at 2:00 right here on cbs-3. a suspect in the fatal shooting at a north philadelphia homeless shelter is in jail this morning. john brock turned himself in
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yesterday. police say brock snuck into the shelter sunday morning after being banned from entering. investigators say he shot and killed one employee and critically wounded another. police say brock targeted both employees after they escorted him out the previous day. brock is expected to face murder and attempted murder charges. >> philadelphia police have charged this man, kenneth grimes, with an unprovoked attack at a septa station. investigators say, that grimes pushed a woman on to the l tracks, then pulled knife, and threatened to kill her. this happened sunday morning, at 40th street station, in west philadelphia. the woman who suffered a broken shoulder, made her way back on to the platform. >> very scary situation. i can't, i can't imagine being in her shoes. >> it is scary, you know, that could have been me, that could have been, you know, my child. >> police arrested grimes at 30th street station. michigan governor rick snyder delivers his
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state-of-the-state speech today a mid growing anger over the state's response to flint's water contamination crisis. in 2014, flint's water supply was tainted with lead after a state appointed emergency manager switched the city's water source to try to save money. cbs news correspondent don champion with the latest on protests and calls for the governor's resignation. >> the flint's water crisis will dominate michigan governor rick snyder state-of-the-state address today. monday while the republican governor called the city's contaminated watt area disaster dozens demonstrated outside his home calling for his resignation. many called his slow response to flint's water supply contaminated with lead, criminal. >> he should have switched it back over to detroit water, as soon as he knew of the contamination. >> national guard troops are now handing out bottled water to resident. state troopers are also gig out lead tests and filters.
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>> what happened after the water fill is her gone, we're still going to have the lead. we're still going to have the pipes. we're still going to have the poison. >> plans to request once again that president obama declare flint a federal disaster area instead of just a state of emergency. >> state of emergency, only gives us $5 million cap f they would have submitted for a disaster declaration, we could have got the $96 million or more. >> the president already denied the request once before siting the situation in flint was man-made. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". 5:09 right now. pennsylvania man survives nearly freezing to death in a snow bank. hear what he says about his close call. >> also, centuries of history destroyed by fire. now people are sharing their memories after the historic tavern is reduced to rubble. >> also: >> ♪ >> remembering a music legend,
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. welcome back. his voice was a sound track to much of the 70s, and 80s. this morning, we are remembering eagles co-founder glenn frey who passed away yesterday in new york. cbs correspondent daniel nottingham has a look back at his career. >> ♪ >> glenn frey formed the eagles in the early 19 70s, with his friend, drummer done hendley. >> ♪ >> the eagles mix country and california sounds to become one of the most successful act of the 70s with more than 150 albumns sold. hotel california along with their greatest hits collection, became two of the best selling albumns of all time. >> we enjoyed what we were doing.
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we were serious about our work. we were serious about the songs and serious about where we wanted to take the band. but along the way we really rocked and had a good time. >> the guitarist and keyboard player, who grew up in the detroit area, met hendley in los angeles when they both sang back up for linda ron stand. >> ♪ >> the song writing team of glenn frey and hendley, long line of hits, but the strain of turning out hits and touring took a toll. and the eagles broke up in 1980. >> there was always something standing in our way. after the eagles disbanded, glenn frey launched successful solo career with hits like the heat is on, and you belong to the city. the eagles reunite in the 1994, four years later, the group was inducted into the
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rock-and-roll hall of fame. >> ♪ >> glenn frey released final solo albumn in 2012, collection of old standards. >> ♪ >> the eagles were supposed to be honored at the kennedy center last month. but that was postponed because an ailing glenn frey could not attend. don hendley said glenn frey was the one who started all, the spark plug and the man with the plan. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". another 70s singer don maclean free on bail this morning, but facing domestic violence charges. police responded to a 91 call from maclean's home in maine yesterday. the 70 year old american pie singer was taken into custody. authorities are not releasing many details, but, maclean lived in that home with his wife pa trish a he will appear in court next month. >> a lehigh valley man presumed dead after nearly
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freezing to death gets to thank his doctors for saving his life. nearly a year ago, justin smith was found in a snow bank in carbon county. despite being out in the cold for almost 12 hours, doctors refuse to declare him dead. teams of nurses and staff did cpr on him for two hours, until doctors got approval to try to warm his blood up using a special machine. >> he held my hand that day, and says i'm going to throw everything i have including the kitchen sink at your son. >> initially they were almost questioning me like are you kidding me? >> we have very little temperature, it can preserve the brain and other organ function. >> doctors say as justin warmed up, his heart started beating and he woke up, he is missing his toast and pinky, but still alive. doctors are calling it a medical miracle. wow, well, another dangerously cold morning absolutely you need to bundle up out there, kate. >> i it is freezing out there. make sure to have the nice heavy coat ready to go, all of the extra winter accessories
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you need to stay warm if you have to stand out here for long period of time waiting for train, bus, whatever it might be. definitely warrant that. but let's start things off by looking at the maps which are thankfully empty pi point, storm scan, not showing too much out there. the wind however is still an issue and it really is making it very, very cold. now, we want to go all the way to the trail end of the week, tracking this impending storm system. it is still appearing as though though there will be winter storm, little too soon for us to peg and pinpoint region by region how much we're all going to get. but according to our computer modeling, it looks like we are expecting to see plowable snow out of this, starting as early as friday afternoon, leading through most of saturday, with a bull's eye setting it self up perhaps back toward the baltimore-dc area, perhaps bit further inland. this may change. the storm has not even blossom yet. not even form yet. until it does, that is when we will be able to really fine tune the details of region by
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region. we've been here before. matter of 25 miles can make or break or totally bus a forecast. so we have to keep close watch on. >> this again the expectation is that a large winter storm will be developing by week's end. for now, just sunny, winnie, very cold. high no better than 29 degrees. tonight dip back down to 19 under clearing sky, but still bitter outside. looking forward in the nor cast mid to upper 30's for tomorrow and thursday, watching weak disturbance triggerman snow shower come tomorrow night, generally through the overnight as it looks like when that timing will be. and then we head into friday, saturday, granted not a harsh as today, but certainly cold enough. and with that cold air in place, yep, banking on some snow, and snow that you will have to break the shovel out for it appears by the weaken. so meisha at other thing to think about here too, you got to have back up plan if you have weaken plages, might need to rethink them or figure out another plan for them. >> absolutely. not only because of the cold and the snow coming but the roadways, sometimes if that snow hits hard enough, katie,
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we know that you're if the going anywhere because mother nature will determine it this morning, talking about the cold, the good news is is the roadways are nice and dry. so that's the great news. that doesn't mean that we can't see black ice, especially site streets, so make note of that. this is a look at 95 south, at the vine here looking good in the southbound direction, but as you can see, plenty of headlights out on roadways, kind of seeing that now build basically anywhere that i do look. and the ben franklin, ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction, this is one of the safety areas, actually looking pretty good moving in the westbound direction, from jersey, eastbound, we don't even really look over, there because we know that knows not where the traffic s it will build moving in the westbound direction. right now ben franklin bridge looking good. for knows ever those of you on the blue route headed out to the blue route any time soon, headlights in the northbound direction past route one, looking good here, as well, so basically, overall where i am looking, roadways are dry, but start those cars early. let them warm up. erika, back over to you.
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>> meisha, thank you. historic cumberland county tavern now just pile of rubble after that fire tore through the billing yesterday. all it took was a few hours to destroy more than 230 years of history. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos spoke to some people hit specially hard by that fire. >> the hillcrest tavern stood on this very corner for more than 230 years. now this piece of american history is a pile of rubble. >> i was the chef here for 15 years. and just left three years ago. >> lucas mccormick, like so many others, that dined, drank, worked at the hillcrest tavern, stopped by the downtown bridgeton new jersey spot monday to snap pictures of what once was. >> this was besides a job my home away from home. it is wherever one came. >> the tavern was built in 1782, and served as popular stage coach stop and watering
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hole for many headed toward cape may, on kings highway. which we now know as broad street. >> we got the first call around 5:00 a.m., monday morning, three alarm fire wiped that history away. >> i immediately went to second alarm. and went to defense operation. >> piece of bridgeton history. >> for few years, robert wayne owned it. >> as we go up into the building it self, there are no nails in it. it is all pegged. >> wow. >> you know? the old way of doing it. >> and as firefighters try to figure out how the fire started many are wondering what, if anything, will replace it. >> for the next however years it will be, you can drive past this, this cross-section, and look there, you will have a memory, and the build something not there gluck replace the building. but you can't replace the history. >> the fire officials say not sure how this fire began. we're told it did start on the second floor. reporting here in bridgeton, new jersey, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a shame.
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well, we just few weeks a which from superbowl sunday, and security being stepped up in california. we'll let you know about the possible threat for the big game. >> also, boycotting the oscars. why several promine african-americans refuse to go to the awards show this year. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back, center stage at this year's oscars, for the second straight year, no minorities nominated for any of the major acting awards. as don champion reports, two prominent african-americans are taking a stand by boycotting the awards show next month. >> the president of the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences; prom i g more diversity. >> we're all disappointed. i mean, last thursday was a little bit of a shock. >> in a statement monday, cheryle boonies axe wrote of this year's all white acting nominees, i'm both heart broken and frustrated about
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the lack of inclusion. her response comes a mid calls for a boycott of this year's acme awards, actress jada pink he will smith says she will sit out the ceremony. >> begging for acknowledgment, even asking diminishes dig knit. >> i film director spike lee also plans to sit out monday in a instagram post he wrote: as i see it, the academy awards is not where the real battle is. it is in the executive office of the hollywood studios and tv and cable networks. >> oscar nominees chosen by 6200 number voting body 93% of whom are white, 74% male. director al landreaux spoke about the controversy in paris last night, his film the revenant nominated for best picture. >> when we can't see ourselves in the cinema, there is something going wrong. so i think a lot of things has to be improved. >> the academy says it is now taking drastic steps to alter the make-up of it members
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ship. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming un in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", new twist on classic philadelphia food. we'll tell you what they're doing. >> also, gas prices plummeting, just like the temperature, right? we'll tell you what's driving down prices to levels we haven't seen in years. good morning to fill up the tank. also think you can't cup up on sleep? think again. the big health benefit from just two nights of extra sleep. katie? >> all right, see in you 48 hours. >> sound good. >> see you then. >> well, we are looking ahead to what looks to be a large winter storm, as we approach the upcoming weekend. meantime it is frigid outside n short, erika, winter is here. >> had to come at some point. also, meisha watching your tuesday morning commute. we get updates when we come right back. good morning.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning. so how low can they go? we'll find out. plunging gas prices are music to the ears of drivers who are saving big at the pump. we'll let you know what's behind the plummeting prices, also, just how long the relief at the p.m. some expected to last. rough morning though if you are going to go fill up the tank. another dangerously cold morning out there. feeling like the single digit if your a already


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